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Attack on Memory - Cloud Nothings

This Cleveland act has invoked the ghosts of hardcore and punk of past and dressed them in new clothes. There is a noxious air to this record that is filled with the sentiments of Generation X kids who now are of course women and men, all of their detachedness, their rage, their want for retribution, and the futility of it all. This album is a kind of exorcism from all of those dark emotions and times in which nothing was easily given and nothing mattered, which is why it matters of course.

 How could one not be affected or impressed by some of the yells and moments of sonic explosion in songs like “Wasted Days”? The climax of this song might be the best part of the entire record sounding like there are almost two people playing the drums and as though for a second they are Thurston Moore and company screeching away on their guitars. Nearing nine minutes this track took me to so many places and moments in my life that I felt like I had been listening to a Mars Volta record. Speaking of them, this album breathes an air similar to some of the music that Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler Zavala helped father in At the Drive-In, it has the passion, the feeling like this might make for an unreal live experience, and most importantly the fact that it is all purely admitted emotion.

Some bands fear the emo label like the plague but isn’t all music emotional to some degree at least? It is silly to fear this, and Cloud Nothings take this in stride and display it at its fullest force. There is also a great diversity of sounds all throughout, “Fall In” goes more with their earlier sound and is the more upbeat track on the album but after that it is all back to the grungey wails and noise. Some might call blasphemy but at moments there are hints of a Kurt Cobain attitude in this record, so disillusioned and almost content with the grim picture he paints. While I see it as a search for identity and a tear at their insides, it is also a great progress and a heartfelt record that begs revisiting.


  • No Future/No Past
  • Fall In
  • Cut You